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Bonusbond multi-store gift vouchers and gift cards are accepted at over 16,500 retail and leisure outlets - offering many more options than just high street shops! Bonusbond gift vouchers are perfect if you are looking for a versatile gift for those who love to shop, or are in need of a little retail therapy. 

Corporate Incentives

Bonusbond gift vouchers and gift cards are a great alternative to cash and a flexible solution for your reward and recognition needs, whatever your budget and audience. 


No wedding list?

Buying wedding presents can be tricky if there's no list to work from. Often when couples have been living together for a while, they won't have a list - but even if they've said 'No presents', most of us feel we want to contribute something towards the beginning of their married life together.

Enter the bonusbond gift card - perfect for a trip to the department store, stocking up on favourite treats, or even a post-wedding 'date night' meal out. And rather than just popping it in an envelope, you could gift box the card (with confetti, of course), or attach it to a small gift like a bottle of wine, flowers or a box of chocolates. It's the little things that make the difference, so remember to include a hand-written note for that personal touch.

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It's the season for making lists and last minute shopping. No, it's not Christmas (yet!), but the time of year when it can be a rush to get ready for family holidays and summer escapes. Here's how Bonusbond gift cards can come in handy!

  • No time or thinking space left? Buy Bonusbond gift cards for those summer birthdays you've not been able to shop for yet, and maybe even a spare or two in case you've missed one.
  • Holidaying in the UK? Look out for restaurants where you can use your Bonusbond gift card for a meal out.
  • Want to give your employees a summer bonus? Bonusbond gift cards can be spent in thousands of different locations in the UK, making them a gift anyone would appreciate tucking into their wallet.


One card, thousands of possibilities.

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There's no doubt that 'teacher appreciation' has taken off in a big way over recent years, and at this time of year there are all kinds of cards and gifts appearing on the shelves to mark the end of term and the school year.  And Christmas is also a favourite occasion for a bonus or gift to say 'thank you'. Yet when you think about it, why should we wait for a national event or special date in the calendar to recognise people who are doing a great job?

A great way to thank the people who help us to succeed

If you've got people working for or with you who deserve some appreciation, Bonusbond gift cards are the ideal way to reward them.  You choose the value; they can then choose to spend it on something they really want.

One card, thousands of possibilities.

Make Bonusbond gift cards your first choice for rewarding the people who make a difference for you.

To find out more, either register for a corporate account or email us at voucherorders@grg.com


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As of the 23rd June 2017, the maximum you can load onto a Bonusbond Gift Card is £200.  This is to comply with changes to Money Laundering Regulations 2017.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact your account manager.  


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HMV acceptance of Bonusbond Gift Vouchers

With immediate effect, HMV Stores will no longer be accepting the Bonusbond Gift Vouchers. Please see Spend Bonusbond for an up to date retailer list

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HomeSense are now accepting Bonusbond Gift Cards

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