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Bonusbond multi-store gift vouchers and gift cards are accepted at over 60 leading retailers in the UK, over 16,000 outlets, and it’s not just about high street shops! Bonusbond gift vouchers are perfect if you are looking for a versatile gift as they allow the recipient to choose something they really want.

Corporate Incentives

Bonusbond gift vouchers and the pre-paid bonusbond Mastercard gift card offer a great alternative to cash and a flexible solution for your reward and recognition needs, whatever your budget and audience. 


Recognition of employees

Do you recognise a good thing when you see it? Employee peer to peer recognition is arguably one of the most important building blocks towards creating a healthy business culture. So when it comes to hard work going without validation, why would anyone be motivated to repeat those behaviours and deliver those results again? It is clear that experiences like this can be detrimental to employee engagement. In today's competitive workplace, there are many reasons to enforce employee recognition. But here are 3 top reasons why you should have an employee recognition strategy: 1. Recognition drives business results Motivated and driven employees produce outstanding results. And when these individuals are invested in, they are infused with a sense of mission and purpose thus contributing to business values and goals. Recognising this means employees are more likely to that length again because their work before was positively validated. 2. Recognition reduces turnover rates Simply put; employees who are recognised for their hard work and made to feel motivated and valuable to the business are engaged. Engaged employees means higher retention rate. 3. Recognition increases employee engagement A business culture of recognition enforces strong relationships and strong relationships thrive in a positive working environment. A positive working environment in which employees are appreciated for their hard work in, breeds a place of work people are engaged with and committed to. Grass Roots can help you can drive employee recognition. Find out how here: http://www.grassrootsgroup.com/recognise

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Make the Right Gesture at the Right Time

At Grass Roots, we employ over 130 technologists and host over 1,000 websites on behalf of our clients. As well as creating and managing bespoke platforms such as Tasty Rewards, we also build systems that can be used by multiple clients. Our 'Right Gesture Right Time' platform provides clients with an interface that their customer-facing staff can use to give rewards to their customers in a structured and audited way. A popular use for the platform is to manage a customer complaints programme. The system can be configured to the client's own business rules, for example; to dictate how complaints are assessed, what categories of complaint warrant compensation, how the approval levels function and the type of reward given. The system can also be fully branded and integrated with a wide range of Grass Roots' reward solutions. The uses for the system are broad and it can be used in any situation where a business has the need or opportunity to reward a customer for a specific action or behaviour. Another good example is as a customer retention tool in contact centers. If you would like to know more about the Grass Roots Right Gesture Right Time platform, please contact rebecca.calladine@grg.com or speak to your account manager.

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T.K. Maxx

T.K. Maxx are now accepting Bonusbond Gift Cards

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Account Functionality

Did you know that you can now have a corporate account and place your orders online? By doing this, you can see your order history and order status. More functionality will be added soon, but in the meantime, speak to your Account Manager about how to get set up

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HomeSense are now accepting Bonusbond Gift Cards

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Hotel and holiday gift vouchers

Want to get away from it all? Bonusbond gift vouchers and gift cards are accepted by several of the UK’s leading hotel chains, or if you fancy going further afield, you can use your Bonusbond gift vouchers and gift cards to book a holiday with over 250 well known and trusted travel partners through Travel by Inspire.

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Spend gift vouchers

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